Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Goldsworthy, Gallery Shows, Mini Munis, Pinata turkey


I spent most of Sunday adding little doors, window, wheels, and other details to my fleet of Muni buses. These details are printed on decal paper and will fire to a dark brown color. The buses will be debuting in the Ruby’s Holiday Show. . . .

holiday show

. . .which opens at the end of this week. If Muni buses, or other more traditional ceramic forms, are on your holiday shopping list, make sure to stop by. I’ll be whipping up my traditional jell-O shots for the potluck reception.


But before the hoiday show goes up, there’s still a few more days of the Southern Migrations show. A couple of pie chart bowls from my “I HEART Ruby’s” series are on display along with a very nice selection of work by other Ruby’s artists.


Last weekend I took a tour of Andy Goldworthy’s pieces in the Presidio. This was the last stop on the tour, a small shack with an impressive ceiling. I love that human hair, harvested from a local salon, is part of the formula for getting such an impressive crackle.


This was another stop on the Goldsworthy tour, a grouping of 30-something trees touring up into the sky. Small trees have been planted around this sculpture; I’m coming back when I’m 80 to see the spire integrated into the forest.


Didn’t even budge!


My fabulous sister has started a turkey pinata Thanksgiving tradition. Here we add feathers cut from paper bags. Thanks for the fun and for the shots of Wild Turkey, Sonya! Still to add: googley eyes and stuffing of the non-traditional variety.


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