Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

shotglassesandmunibusesI was excited to wake up this morning to my article on San Francisco-themed Halloween costumes in The Bold Italic magazine, complete with beautiful illustrations by Jon Stich. There’s something really nice about seeing your ideas visualized by someone else. The only thing that might be nicer is seeing the actual costumes walking around come Friday. If you happen to dress as “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” or “Dolores Park under construction”, please snap a picture and post it in the comments section. Other highlights of the week include being juried into a show called Southern Migrations that’ll be at The America Museum of Ceramic Art this Spring! I had two small bowls from my “I Heart Ruby’s” series accepted. These will be on display in the gallery at Ruby’s for a week or so starting on November 5th.

I’m continuing to work on my muni bus series. Last Friday, while on an ice cream tasting tour of San Francisco, I happen to peek at a couple of old-time buses jacked up in the muni bus garage. This morning an article about those buses was in my inbox. 1 You can read it here.


1 Sent by my ice cream touring partner, aka boyfriend, aka spotter of cool things

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

NASA safety ergonomics

Safety sign at NASA! This might look like mockery, but I’m a firm believer in ergonomics, especially in the studio.

This weekend I took a field trip to Moffatt Field, home of NASA, for their 75th anniversary tour. While very space age with wind tunnels, an airplane hanger, and a Mars rover navigating a hilly field, the campus was also filled with retro safety signs, and words like “Auditorium” spelled out on building facades in Helvetica 80001 point font. My dad was stationed at Moffatt Field back before I was born, and it was fun picturing him hanging out, as I strolled around for a grand total of eight miles (per my Fitbit).

Since I’ve just received a week’s worth of exercise, I’m looking forward to hunkering down for awhile to draw pictures for greeting cards and  sculpt miniature Muni buses and animal shot glasses. I’ll also be dreaming up Halloween costumes and keeping an ear open for a good party.  Just 10 days till Halloween, and despite spending a lot of time brainstorming costumes for an upcoming Bold Italic article, I’ve yet to arrive upon the perfect idea.


Interesting culinary experience: Calamari nachos at NASA’s 75th anniversary tour Art in progress: Muni buses, holiday greeting cards, silicon valley greeting cards, animal shot glasses Best gift: White cashmere sweater from the Esalen free box. Thank you, Barb!  Thoughtful read:  Letter by Thomas Duncan’s nephew  Inspiring conversation: With Sumudu about completing our creative projects. Best purchase: Fox + Wabi-Sabi tats, keeping me current on my permanent temporary tattoo tradition.  


In writing: I have an article in next Monday’s The Bold Italic! This is quite possibly the first and last thing I’ll ever write that starts with the word “Awesomely”. Though hoping that it’ll be the first of many pieces in The Bold Italic. In clay: I’m helping organize a workshop at Ruby’s Clay Studio where Correen Abbott will demo throwing large pots upside down. I can’t even quite imagine it, but looking forward to having my curiosity quenched in just two weeks!

Happy Monday, everyone! Thanks for reading.



1 Rough estimate