Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Big Santa, large trees, green hills, two brothers, the railroad, a turkey with a hairdryer


As a kid I much preferred writing this guy a nice letter. Over 30 years later, the Santa lap experience is still terrifying. This is at Betabrand, a store near my house that might soon be selling a Suitsy – basically a onesie for the professional potty trained crowd.


I knocked my exacto knife out the window when I saw this being lowered  into Mark Zuckerberg’s new estate, across the way from me on 21st street.


Loving the rain and its bright green magic. Here’s Bernal Hill from the 48 bus stop a few mornings back.



Over Thanksgiving break, I stumbled upon two brothers in the Getty’s lovely gardens. Ryan and Trevor Oakes have perfected a special way of drawing. Using this concave contraption with a headrest that looks like an old-school cast for a broken bone, they get the brain to play a trick where they look with one eye and use the other to cast an image upon a piece of paper which they can then trace. So much fun watching them work and explain their process!


Coming back from LA, my boyfriend and I traveled via Amtrak. This train included a special lounge car, purchased long ago from the Santa Fe Railroad – so much beautifully shaped metal bolted together with space in between for great viewing windows.


My sister, Sonya, made Jon and me a turkey pinata to take down to LA with us. Here we are helping finish up the feathers with the aid of a hairdryer – a trick I often employ with my ceramics and ink drawing when I want things to dry a little faster. We stuffed it with custom fortune cookies made in Oakland’s Chinatown and everyone had fun taking a swing at him. Sonya, if you’re reading this, I saved his head for you.