Monday, February 26, 2015

Monday, February 26, 2015

Gin, vodka, olives, bitters, Needles & Pens, an enchanted tree

It’s been a week of cocktails – drawing them, not drinking them. Though I did have a lovely glass of wine at Terrior, the host of SNAP reading series, while my friend Jenny read.1  One afternoon I took a break from penning my new cocktail card series and popped into Needles and Pens to check in on some cards of mine that they’ve recently begun stocking. Some had sold! Thanks everyone who has been supporting me and this great Mission establishment.2 I finished off the week with a trip down to San Diego to visit my boyfriend’s family. I hadn’t been to San Diego since college, but everything seemed about the same, save for the trees. . . .

agostura bitters

I love that Angostura bitters turned an accident in measurement into their distinctive oversized label.


Martini cocktail card in progress

martini card

Martini card complete! Check it out on Etsy!


Needles and Pens

Thanks everyone who has been buying my cards at Needles and Pens!


Spotted in the suburbs of San Diego


1. And such a great story! It even had footnotes within footnotes.

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