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Bikram Writing 101 the fictional piece that inspired Bikram Writing

Power on. Okay everyone, if it’s your first time, you just want to make sure you stay in the room and at your laptops.

Oil on the Braininterview with the author of Oil on the Brain

Lisa Margonelli is the author of Oil on the Brain, the product of “3.5 years of furious travel and writing.” In her book she interviews oil industry folks the world over, uncovering oil’s journey from the ground to the gas pump.

Musical mastery of a Coke™ bottlethe physics behind making music with soda bottles

In the lighthearted, madcap African satire, The Gods Must Be Crazy,a Coke bottle, nonchalantly tossed from the cockpit of an airplane, landed in the midst of an isolated Bushman family. . .

Pieces of China an essay about a trip to China to study ceramics

Since moving to San Francisco six years ago, I have been a member of Ruby’s Clay Studio, a ceramics workshop tucked into the side of the Noe Street hill. Ruby’s is like a second home, full of many good friends as well as a host of familiar clays and glazes.

San Francisco Inspired Halloween Costume Ideaspublished in The Bold Italic!

Awesomely, Halloween is on a Friday this year, so you can strut your handiwork everywhere, from your morning commute to a late-night house party. Sure, the classic naughty nurse or store-bought-banana costume will get you in the door, but the best getups are those DIY ones that play off the here and now.

Future President of Mexicopublished as part of the Bang Out reading series

Jose Doroteo Arango Arambula, better known as Pancho Villa, is born breech wearing cowboy boots and already talking. Senora Villa is mostly relieved he is not wearing spurs. . .