Calendar Pictures – 2023

My twin lives in Taiwan, so reunions are extra special. If I had to don a 2-person dress, Sonya, I would want it to be with you - for your companionship, problem-solving abilities, and compatible body dimensions. Dress inspired by Guo Pei.
Jon and I celebrated 100 months together with dinner at Niku. I wound up sending back my scotch cocktail washed with milk and garnished with cereal for a do-over straight scotch to toast the occasion. I love you, Jon.
We were gifted Mo Willems’ We Are in a Book at Asa’s baby shower. Five years later, we now switch off reading the parts of Gerald and Piggy.  Thank you, Anne!
In truth, I read books mainly on my phone, but I love the idea of being surrounded by all the hardcopies I read over the year.
After having sod installed in our backyard, we repeatedly awoke to the strips uniformly peeled back. Racoons turned out to be the culprits.
I discover that TSA considers peanut butter a liquid: With the fastest metabolism and pickiest palette in the family, peanut butter sandwiches were my never-be-hungry Disneyland plan.
Chewbacca and R2D2 and me with a bag of peanut butter sandwiches: My father-in-law, after going to 3 different groceries, drove down from Burbank with a replacement jar (crunchy, dark roast, not no stir, in a glass jar). Papa Buster, you are the best!
Me working in my ceramics studio: I’m grateful to be back at Ruby’s Clay Studio. I’d love to make more custom work and also coach people in drawing their own stories onto clay. If you’re interested, hit me up.
This piece has me thinking about making pet urns, but I realize Cerberus is a poor sample choice. After all, all dogs go to heaven.
Asa willingly got up at 6am on Halloween to be painted blue for her Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas costume. It reminded me of the year I ran Bay to Breakers painted blue and got up at daybreak to get ready. (That’s me in my in jack-o’-lantourniquet costume - recycled from a portmanteau party.)
One of the ancient trees in my neighborhood was cut down.
Solstice Tree with Lumpy Space Princess topper
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Illustration for Complete Sentence Magazine to illustrate Matt Leibel's story "The Book of Failure"
Promotional Bookmark for "Here is a Game We Could Play" by Jenny Bitner
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Art Room - Illustration for "The Story of the Montana Heart Project" by Jennifer L. Thompson



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