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    • Hey Sonya! Nice to see this pop up in my inbox. : ) Sadly, this piece broke on its way to the kiln. I’ll remake it someday and envision it being a basket for dishtowels or a harvest of lemons.

  1. Wow Liz, so much fun! Such nice pieces emerged. I appreciate your generosity in sharing this! Thanks for the pictures too. Your Miles bowl Coco, it’s a keeper!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Carol! And thanks so much for taking pics of the workshop in progress. I love your decal birds.

  3. Was at Goodwill, thought these pots could sure use some decals 🙂
    While Decalomania was a clay workshop, the actual process was different from doing pottery for me. I think Coco mentioned how calm and soothing decalling was- kids in art class. Select images, layout, print, plan out placement, arrangement, cutting, slipping on; all this can be a separate craft in of itself, kinda feels like scrap booking pots. Thankfully, Sensei Liz did the hard part of layout and printing –arigato, danka, graci!
    While throwing and hand building are fun, sometimes the creation part can be stressful as the output doesn’t always turn out as planned. Drat! Plus it takes sooo looooong…. But with decals, new life and love can be breathed again on recycled pots by folks who may not even be “into” ceramics. The instant gratification, accessible nature kinda reminds me of those painting pottery workshops. If I had known decaling before, I might have skipped all the agony of learning to throw, argh! Liz Sensei, your next early retirement plan: Decalomania startup! Thanks again for a wonderful Worthy workshop.

    • Tony, thank you for your awesome and encouraging comment! : ) I love the way you described the process as “scrap booking pots”.